Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's time to talk Thursday....

Well Jodi Picoult has done it again....

I finished this book just this morning and found myself gasping, my eyes widening, and asking "whhhaatttt?" out loud.  This author takes so many twists and turns in her books during the exact moment that you think you have it all figured out and I absolutely love that.  Her books are always around 350-400 pages, but you would never realize they were once you crack them open.  You are drawn in from the very first paragraph!

Today is my friend's birthday and I am wishing her the very happiest of days and hoping she gets to celebrate every single minute of the day!  I am so glad her co-workers took the time to decorate her cube and make a cake for her :)   We celebrated this past weekend and I was able to eat dinner with her and give her gifts to her, but "the day of" always feels more real than an early celebration.  You know I'd be there if I could!

Happy Birthday to you!  Love you girl!

I am anxiously awaiting this friend's bundle of joy!  Little Parker can't get here fast enough....and after her last ultrasound, she saw a closeup of his little face, which really resembles her and that made my anticipation jump even higher!  We were talking just the other night about how next summer we will need to take a beach vacation.  I envision us kicking back with our toes in the sand, complaining about how ridiculously hot it is outside (but we will continue to lay there as the sweat pours!!), and we'll have an ice cold beverage chilling in our hand without a care in the world.  Here's a picture from July of '08 when we were at the beach together. Ahh, those were the days!  For some reason that summer felt like there weren't bills to pay or countless errands to run...and I think when this picture was taken, she was told earlier that day by male Hale that he was gonna pop the question while we were at the beach...she kept a tight lid on that secret!

Stay classy Florida!  We'll be back....

I never get tired of looking at the clock on Thursday evenings and noticing it's 8:59.  I hurry to the couch, grab the remote, change the channel, pile up with a blanket, and hear that theme music that lets me know I'm about to laugh for the next half hour with these characters....

I never become bored with Stanley's obsession with pretzels, Dwight's analogies of life and beets, Michael's horrible jokes, Angela's bitterness towards everything, or that same look Jim always gives the camera.  I would have never become a fan of The Office if it hadn't been for this friend!  She let me borrow all of her seasons on DVD and when I caught up, I was hooked!  I throughly enjoy having a friend and someone in my actual office who loves The Office just as much as I do!

I will close with a picture taken of me and my goddaughter just this past weekend.

I worship the ground this little girl walks on!  She has the ability of making me smile when I'm sad, feel on top of the world when I feel 2 inches tall, and hugging me with little arms that feel like they love me oh so much!  She is 6 now and growing by the minute.  I was going through a rough time in my life with a horrible roommate that pushed me to the point of moving out, breaking my lease and putting all of my possessions in storage.  My goddaughter's mom (my friend & lifesaver Katie) welcomed me into her home with open arms until I could figure out what I was going to do or finally find a house that I was ready to buy and call home.  Nothing could ever top this little angel coming in the room I was staying in on a Saturday morning with sleepy eyes and a mess of hair, crawling up on the bed and saying, "morning!!"  She melts my heart and the time I lived with Katie was so special because I saw so much of this little lady and grew even closer to her.  People often mistake her for my daughter which, in my eyes, is the biggest compliment in the world!


  1. she is so adorable!!!

    And Happy Birthday to your BFF! :)

  2. I've been wanting to read some Jodi Piccoult books, but I'm afraid they'll have me in tears! Are they all tear jerkers?

    P.S. Your goddaughter is ADORABLE!

  3. Aw thanks for the shout out BFF! You know me and reading lnog books, guess you will have to sum it up for me in one of our up and coming lunch meets! YAY!

  4. Stay classy PCB, we'll be back! :) I'm so ready for the office tonight too!

  5. Nineteen Minutes was my first Picoult book and I loved every single page in it. The end was amazing that is for sure. :) Love her style. Now I do have some sort of a collection of her books... :)

  6. I love the Office. Its one of my favorite shows (after Glee of course;)

  7. I had that exact same dress but took it back because it didn't quite look right on me... but it looks great on you!!