Monday, November 16, 2009

tisk, tisk

I have been a horrible excuse of a blogger lately!  It's as though right at the moment when I sit down to make a post, the phone rings, or I see something I should have tended to, or just about anything can distract me at times.  Yesterday I helped host a baby shower for Happily Ever After and it was a fabulous afternoon.  Her post depicts the day perfectly....from gifts, to girls, to us not being able to stay away from the food!  Be sure and check it out!  I am so happy for her and ready for her little boy to introduce himself into this world.

I am more than ready for Thanksgiving....there's always those times when you just know the warmth and happenings that come with your own Thanksgiving.  We all know it includes overeating, reminiscing and someone just "having" to eat that last piece of pie.  Aunt Wanda will tell me and my cousins that she "just can't get over how grown up we are"...and I'm sure someone will pull out an embarrassing story of mine for Male Hale to hear.  Sure, there will be an eye-roll or two, but with that there will also come hugs and i-love-yous.  Mom and I will go straight for the day-after Thanksgiving ads and find some reason why a certain deal is just too good to pass up.  Family members will plant themselves on the couch and swear they're not moving, but a board game will make its way out and everyone will mosey to a chair around the table.  But that's MY Thanksgiving...and I wouldn't have it any other way!  Is there any certain tradition or event that you just always know will be in store for you and yours?

I glanced at the month of December on my calendar and noticed it's booking up just as fast as November has.  Mom's retirement party, various Christmas parties, dinners for gift exchanges, and boom, Christmas will be here!  I need to work on shopping, that's for sure, because if there's one thing I hate it's the awful, overwhelming traffic and crowds in the mall area.  And then New Year's Eve will creep up on me.  I want to do something different and out of the ordinary this year!  I want to get dressed up with the hubby and ring in 2010 like we never have before.  These are my intentions....but we'll see if I carry through with them ;)

I ordered the invitations today for our 3rd annual Tacky Christmas party!  Here's a few shots from the past two years...

Always, always, a good time!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Bubbly for Bublé

Well it's official.  I have become obsessed with Michael Bublé.  His voice just melts me like butter!  I have always liked this song, but when I saw that he covered it, I could hardly stand it!  Be sure and check it out!

Listening to him makes me want to be in a little dimly lit jazz club sipping on a martini while I tap my high heels and watch my little cocktail dress sparkle.  I think I just might have to see him in concert now...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rantin' & Ravin'!

I see criminals on a daily basis.  I see felons, I see thieves, I see abusers, and I see murders.  But when it hits home, I take on an entirely different perspective.  Everyone loves their grandparents and thinks they're diamonds in the rough.  I always hear about door-to-door salesmen taking advantage of people or even telemarketers....but when these criminals are supposed to be HELPFUL and be someone's AT HOME NURSE, that's even worse. And when I come to find out they've cleaned out my Granny's entire jewelry box, that's when anger and fury run through my veins.  This evil, vile person is my Granny's nurse for TWO days when something just doesn't feel right.  She calls the nursing agency and says she just doesn't feel comfortable with this particular nurse and she doesn't seem to be meeting the criteria.  This evil, heinous person comes back to my Granny's house AFTER she has been fired and wants to come in (with her child at her side) and sit with her and tell her how sorry she is that everything didn't work out and she wanted to check on her.  Well in her 45 minute visit, this monster goes to the restroom four times.  Turns out during these four instances, she's swiping as much as she can out of my Granny's bedroom.  Took her wedding rings, all her bracelets, all her necklaces, and even silver dollars that her husband collected before he passed away.  When I sit back and this that my Granny honestly thought this woman wanted to come visit her and apologize and spend a few minutes with her, it breaks my heart. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE??  Do they not have a conscience??  Much less a heart??  Taking advantage of the elderly is one of the most cowardly, low-down, & appalling wrong-doings on the face of this earth.  The only thing I could ever take from this sweet little face is the love that she so freely gives me....