Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2 treats and a trick

Halloween consisted of:


Jasper goes to doggy daycare around 2 or 3 days a week and they had a costume day on the Friday of Halloween weekend.  When I dropped him off, it was entertaining to see what others were dressing their pooches as and it was funny to see the looks and laughs we got and we saddled up and went inside!

Friday night our friend Skye had a fabulous Halloween party!  Her house was decorated so creatively and there was definitely an array of costumes.  Just like we always do, we waited until just a few days before Halloween to go get costumes...I wasn't too thrilled with being Wilma Flintstone at first with my Casper-like complexion since I'd be sporting a white outfit, but as we started getting ready the laughs started and I just went with it.  I was satisfied with our choice and only wished we could have found a Dino costume for Jasper! 

We found a cyst on Jasper's bottom lip this past weekend and he had it surgically removed on Monday.  We are waiting on the results of the biopsy to see if this was just a random spot that showed up for some odd reason or if it could be canine oral cancer which I had never heard of and should have NEVER come home and googled.  Just send good vibes and thoughts our way because I need my little mini-horse to be around for as long as possible!