Friday, July 30, 2010

When I said the word britches...

our Northern friends just about had a cow!  We were at the rehearsal dinner and a friend had a tear in her pants..I picked up my glass, took a sip, and casually said "well girl, looks like you ripped your britches..." and you could have heard a pin drop!  Then the laughter began and from then on we let the good times roll!

Our friends met in NY where they were going to college and majoring in music.  She went on to receive her Master's in music at the University of Alabama and he continued his education in Germany where he received his Master's in music as well. They are both amazing musicians and in the middle of their reception they surprised their friends and family got up with the band and played a couple of songs with them.  It was such a unique thing to do!  I've heard them play individually, but never together.

 Their reception lasted 6 hours, so needless to say the next day we were not looking forward to waking up and heading to the airport.  When they get home from their honeymoon, they will be living so close to us and I am really looking forward to that!   

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'll take books made into movies for 200, alex.

My jaw just about dropped when I read this article....

I loved the book

It was so well-written and I could envision each character and each scene that came with turn of the pages.
This movie will star Robert Pattinson, Sean Penn, & Reese Witherspoon....which translates into oh yes, heck yes, and woo-hoo!!

I finished "The Help" and can honestly say it's probably one of my favorite books now.  It is being filmed this summer and I can't wait for a girls night with my book club girls to go see it!  I know we'll end up seeing "Water for Elephants" too.

We head out early in the morning for our friends' wedding in Massachusetts, where the lows for Friday and Saturday are 68 and 72....I will take that all day long!  I dread packing tonight and waking up so early tomorrow, but look forward to a getaway with my husband considering we work such opposite schedules these days.  

Have a great Thursday!

Monday, July 19, 2010

summer breeze....makes me feel fine...wait, it doesn't exist.

I used to wish and wish for summer to be meant days on the lake, beach vacations, pina colada shaved ice, & all that jazz.  And now it seems to just result in one thing for me, SWEAT!  I am not a dainty sweater....I don't dew, or slightly glisten....I am a full-fledged, face turns beet-red, don't wanna sit on a patio, walking around the block can soak my shirt, sweater.  I envy the chicks who can lay out at the pool and merely have to wipe their brow just a time or two.  Male Hale has even made the comment of, "wow, you are like pouring sweat over there."  Turn your nose up if you must, but let's face it, there are some of us that do exist!

Needless to say, I am ready for the leaves to be changing, a pot of chili to be cooking, SEC football to be showing on 4 or 5 channels, & lower temperatures :)  And poor, oh my, the pitiful pooch looks as though he'll have a heat stroke if he stays outside for too long.  What seems to be a foot long tongue just hangs out of his mouth while he just pants and pants.  I took him to a local walking track last week like I do quite often and when there's no one else there, I don't use his leash.  He'll venture out just a few feet in front of me, but always turns around to make sure I'm still there...such a good boy!  We typically go a mile and at this point we hadn't even made it to the half a mile marker when he just stopped dead in his tracks.  I hoped that he didn't see something and take off, because his pops wasn't with us and he can herd him back in a lot easier than I can!  After he stopped, he looked up at me....looked back at where the car was parked...looked up at me again...and took off for the car!  Haha, he sat there waiting patiently until I got back to him and right then and there I knew that our mile journeys would definitely have to be put on pause.

Friday, July 16, 2010

short & to the point

This is the book that my book club has chosen for this month and I am singing it's praises...even though I am not even halfway through it :)

I highly suggest it!

I have a busy weekend and am really looking forward to it!  Enjoy yours!  Happy Friday! :) 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Elephant Love

I love elephants....

and these tees are GREAT!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

boo for tropical storms & thumbs up for seafood

Well one week later I feel as though I just might be 100% recovered from our vacation!  Our drive down to FL and our drive back home were both from about midnight till 7am.  Needless to say I was NOT driving!  I was a trooper and kept male Hale company the entire drive down to Florida.  Jamming out to songs we both love and having those random, yet sometimes, ever so meaningful conversations are some of the times I absolutely love spending with him! 

Our first two days at the beach consisted of just the two of us hanging out in the beautiful sunshine, lounging by the pool, walking on the beach, and enjoying the nightlife.

As you can see, no oil, tar balls, or anything of that nature!

Night 1

Our second night was spent at Tootsie's which is a popular place in Nashville, TN as well.  We lucked out and found a great table outside where we could hear the band perfectly and could people-watch until the cows came home :)  Disregard the fact that I'm standing like Quasimodo and we have no clue what he has on his shorts!

On our third day his family joined us...and so did the rain.  We watched the news before we left home and heard about Tropical Storm Alex and were worried we'd suffer from clouds and rain.  The rest of the day the sun seemed to play peek-a-boo with the clouds and we were still able to catch some rays. 

Never a dull moment....

The rain came in full force for the next couple of days so we spent time in the hot tub, arcades, shops, and what else but...eating!

At an amazing steakhouse called Angelo's.  I literally waddled out of there!

Captain Anderson's - saved the best for last...the stuffed shrimp are to die for!

Before we set out for Captain Anderson's, our sweet nephew cuddled up with his uncle and was determined to share his milk with him!

Later on that evening Daniel and I spent some time together while his mom rode go-karts.  I always seem to end up wearing a dress on go-kart night and it just makes for an awkward scene trying to get in and out!

He cracks me up....he can just say a few words right now like mommy, ball, dog, etc. but when he starts gabbing in his own little languare you can tell he wants to carry on a conversation with you so badly!  I definitely bonded with that little man during this vacation.

We left to come home right after this and I can't say I was much of a companion on the ride home!  There wasn't a cup of coffee big enough to keep me awake.  When we pulled in our driveway, my mom was in our backyard taking Jasper out to potty.  I took one step out of the car and he bolted towards me and stood on his hind legs to greet me, haha!  I am so lucky to have a mom that loves 4-legged creatures as much as I do and never hesitates to dog-sit when we go out of town.

In 2 weeks we'll head in the complete opposite direction and head to Massachusetts for a wedding for 2 great friends!  You dare me to order a sweet tea?!