Monday, June 6, 2011

as seen on tv testimonials

Some people have a gift-giving tradition at Christmas.  You may always get someone a refill of something you know they love and will use, or you receive something handmade every year from a certain person.  Well my hubby gets me an "as seen on TV" product every year.  I always go into those stores and want to try out everything, but never end up walking out with a single thing.  He and I know as well as everyone else that there's always going to be products that just don't work.  You scratch your head and wonder, "how on earth did this ever make it on the shelf?!"  BUT I will say that there are a few of these items that I will forever stand by and they have certainly made little things in my life easier.

1.  Strap Perfect

Something about racerback shirts and dresses just always, always draws me in.  If it's not the pattern I love, it's the color or the fabric or something about it sticks out to me.  But when I would take it off the rack and see the back of it knowing I LOATHE strapless bras, I would think, "forget this, my bra straps will hang out."  But alas, this simple, number eight-shaped, plastic mechanism found it's way on the market and I quit having to put stuff back on the rack when I really wanted it!  They've never broken or allowed my straps to come undone.  In fact, the only bad thing that's ever happened has been when I have misplaced them and I think now I am down to only 2.  I would highly, highly, highly suggest these to any female!

2.  Pasta Boat

The hubby and I both enjoy pasta dishes, but I hated dragging out the big stock pot...waiting for what seemed like an eternity for the water to boil....getting an instant, unwanted facial when I went to drain the noodles....and battling that big pot to fit in the dishwasher.  When I got this I was questioning the final outcome.  I thought the noodles will still be hard or the water would boil over the top, but no, it was actually perfect!  It's dishwasher safe and the little booklet that came with it tells you exactly how much water to put in according to how much pasta you are wanting to make.  It doesn't get any easier than this.

3.  Handy Switch

Do you have one of those outlets that if you ever need to unplug something or plug it back in, it's just a pain to try and get to?  You either have to get down on the ground and stretch your arm and wiggle your fingers to get to it or you end up having to move a piece of furniture to be able to even see the outlet.  This comes in handy for me because, well, I'm a little crazy when it comes to Christmas decorations.  We have our regular Christmas tree, a mini tree with Florida Gators decorations for myself, a mini tree with Alabama Crimson Tide decorations for the hubs, and then a mini gingerbread tree that sits on our kitchen table.  The outlet for the gingerbread tree is behind the kitchen table, so whenever I went to unplug it before we went to bed, I'd have to pull out all the stools from the table and crawl under the kitchen table to reach the plug.  Well now I just plus this bad boy into the outlet and then the tree into this plug.  I keep the switch hidden behind the tree so that when I'm ready to turn the lights off, I just flip the switch and all is well.  Super convenient.  

What about you?  Any "heck yes" or "no way" experiences with this stuff??