Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pandora Princess & Tuning In....

And that is just what I am.  I am HUGE fan of Pandora.com.  I just plug my headphones in my computer and work away while listening to whatever I want to!  You type in an artist's name and it will play songs by that artist and anything similar.  It's almost like I slip into my own little toe-tapping world and tackle files like nobody's business!  Everything is blocked out except you and your jams....

Also, I found this site today.  Tasty Kitchen Recipes.  Looks like I will have to try several of the soups because the Hales are all about some good soups during chilly fall weather!

Today is TV Tuesday!  I am, without question, a HUGE fan of The Biggest Loser!

I tune in to see these faces and witness them sweat, struggle, prevail, cry, yell, and of course, have the occasional drama sessions!  Danny, Shay, & Rudy are my predictions for a winner right now.

The male Hale loves that wild gang on...

I've read lots of reviews on this show in which people said they would have never tuned in from reading the synopsis of the show, but once they started watching, they were hooked!  It's most definitely an action packed drama.  Jax, one of the main characters, is pretty easy on the eyes too!!  Who can resist a bunch of guys who don't take crap from anyone while cruising around on bikes and going through all the trials and tribulations of life?!

Hope everyone has a great day!!
(Found this quote today and it's just how I feel sometimes)
"My life has a superb cast, but I can't figure out the plot."  ~Ashleigh Brilliant


  1. Biggest Loser fan right here! I'm so sad Abby is gone now! she was one of my favorites! and how about ole Danny! he has the most positive attitude about EVERYTHING! it makes me laugh! wish i were as positive as him!

  2. I love Pandora...but for some reason I only get 40 hours a month?!?! Do you have that problem or do you pay. Either way, I love Pandora...especially when the Christmas season rolls around and I can rock out to christmas tunes:)

  3. omgosh! isn't it the best show ever? great minds think alike =) thanks for following, i am now following yours!!