Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ten Things That Put Me Over the Top!

Meghan at the always entertaining blog of Livin' The Life God Gave Me tagged me to share ten things that make me happy.  So here goes!  I'm going to go for the little things that bring a smile to my face.

1.  Leaving for wherever I am going in enough time to run through Starbucks.  I love being able to savor  that Cinnamon Dolce flavor while driving down the road.

2.  Having a clean house.  I can honestly stand in a room that I have just cleaned and feel like I have actually accomplished something and smile before I turn the light out and go on to my next project.  

3.  Books.  I can't get enough of them....end of story.

4.  Lazy days.  Who doesn't love these?  Snacks, blankets, comfy clothes, and good company.

5.  Pictures.  I can look through album after album of pictures regardless of whether they're from when I'm 3 or 23 and always reminisce on good times.  

6.  Remembering I have a gift card to somewhere at what seems like the exact time I'm worrying about spending $ on something, but know that we need it.

7.  Voice notes on my blackberry.  It never fails that when a friend and I to exchange one (and usually it's this girl) I laugh out loud for at least a minute.

8.  Decorating for holidays.  I don't care if it's putting out a Vday dish towel and candy dish or decorating the Christmas tree....I can't get enough of it!

9.  Making finger foods.  I'm always anxious to try new recipes for the snacks we take places.

10.  A favorite song.  I always forget how much a song I love can change my mood as I'm tapping the steering wheel and belting out the lyrics.

I'm going to tag....

HAPPY WEDNESDAY!  Only 2 more days!!!


  1. A lot of those make me happy to...which is needed with all the snow we are getting here:)

  2. congrats on the award. :) love finger foods! just had a lazy day so no need to say more. :D
    have a good day.

  3. Love the little things! I can't wait to do this, thanks for tagging me!