Monday, February 1, 2010

Let's spice it up with February!!

I felt like January was such a cold, dismal month!  I'm looking forward to February because I am a fan of Valentine's Day and male Hale is in a chili competition next weekend...and this girl looooves some chili!  The food is free and a local radio station and news station will be in attendance.  A bake sale will be in full effect as well....I think my diet will be blown this day!!  Donations go to help the 212th Transportation Unit for the Army Reserves.  They deploy in April for Afghanistan for one year so this will be such a great cause.

I did enjoy our snow this past weekend though!  I am glad I like being a homebody because when everything turns to solid ice and you're home Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, you can catch some cabin fever!  Brunswick stew, board games, white chicken chili, & movies seemed to do the trick though.  I love how snow always looks so perfect on rooftops!

For quite some time now we have wanted to adopt a dog.  We have looked and looked for a four-legged friend to adopt in the particular breed that peaked our interest.  We became interested in this breed because of their temperament, habits, & what we heard from speaking with previous owners.  Last Thursday we visited a lovely guy named Jasper and he stole our hearts.  This particular rescue group likes to do home visits to ensure the dog will have a safe & suitable lifestyle.  We have our home visit this evening and from what the agency has indicated to us, if the visit goes well, we should be able to bring him home some time this week.  We don't have a fence, but they have known that from the get-go and said it was not required, but I still worry they will count that against us.  I don't want to post any pictures or tell you any more about it because I want it to be a surprise!  And not to mention I will be so, so bummed if things don't work out.  Just keep your fingers crossed for us!

Without a doubt, Super Bowl commercials and good eats are two things to always look forward to during the big game.  Then 4 days later, my book club girlies will be meeting at my house to discuss "The Lovely Bones" (can't wait to see this movie!).  Three days after that will be Valentine's Day which I am glad is falling on a weekend and I've figured out what to get my husband!  The next day will be this gal's birthday and I'll wait 12 days to celebrate this new mommy's birthday!  Looking forward to February's festivities!


  1. Your house looks so cute with the snow on the roof! I think a weekend spent inside eating chili and playing board games in my pj's would be a great way to spend the weekend!

    Good luck with your in house visit tonight!! :)

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