Friday, July 30, 2010

When I said the word britches...

our Northern friends just about had a cow!  We were at the rehearsal dinner and a friend had a tear in her pants..I picked up my glass, took a sip, and casually said "well girl, looks like you ripped your britches..." and you could have heard a pin drop!  Then the laughter began and from then on we let the good times roll!

Our friends met in NY where they were going to college and majoring in music.  She went on to receive her Master's in music at the University of Alabama and he continued his education in Germany where he received his Master's in music as well. They are both amazing musicians and in the middle of their reception they surprised their friends and family got up with the band and played a couple of songs with them.  It was such a unique thing to do!  I've heard them play individually, but never together.

 Their reception lasted 6 hours, so needless to say the next day we were not looking forward to waking up and heading to the airport.  When they get home from their honeymoon, they will be living so close to us and I am really looking forward to that!   


  1. The first pic made me laugh so hard. Love it! :) Glad you had an amazing time!!!

  2. That is cool about the music thing! And i can just hear you saying that! = My best friend!