Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'll take books made into movies for 200, alex.

My jaw just about dropped when I read this article....

I loved the book

It was so well-written and I could envision each character and each scene that came with turn of the pages.
This movie will star Robert Pattinson, Sean Penn, & Reese Witherspoon....which translates into oh yes, heck yes, and woo-hoo!!

I finished "The Help" and can honestly say it's probably one of my favorite books now.  It is being filmed this summer and I can't wait for a girls night with my book club girls to go see it!  I know we'll end up seeing "Water for Elephants" too.

We head out early in the morning for our friends' wedding in Massachusetts, where the lows for Friday and Saturday are 68 and 72....I will take that all day long!  I dread packing tonight and waking up so early tomorrow, but look forward to a getaway with my husband considering we work such opposite schedules these days.  

Have a great Thursday!

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