Monday, July 19, 2010

summer breeze....makes me feel fine...wait, it doesn't exist.

I used to wish and wish for summer to be meant days on the lake, beach vacations, pina colada shaved ice, & all that jazz.  And now it seems to just result in one thing for me, SWEAT!  I am not a dainty sweater....I don't dew, or slightly glisten....I am a full-fledged, face turns beet-red, don't wanna sit on a patio, walking around the block can soak my shirt, sweater.  I envy the chicks who can lay out at the pool and merely have to wipe their brow just a time or two.  Male Hale has even made the comment of, "wow, you are like pouring sweat over there."  Turn your nose up if you must, but let's face it, there are some of us that do exist!

Needless to say, I am ready for the leaves to be changing, a pot of chili to be cooking, SEC football to be showing on 4 or 5 channels, & lower temperatures :)  And poor, oh my, the pitiful pooch looks as though he'll have a heat stroke if he stays outside for too long.  What seems to be a foot long tongue just hangs out of his mouth while he just pants and pants.  I took him to a local walking track last week like I do quite often and when there's no one else there, I don't use his leash.  He'll venture out just a few feet in front of me, but always turns around to make sure I'm still there...such a good boy!  We typically go a mile and at this point we hadn't even made it to the half a mile marker when he just stopped dead in his tracks.  I hoped that he didn't see something and take off, because his pops wasn't with us and he can herd him back in a lot easier than I can!  After he stopped, he looked up at me....looked back at where the car was parked...looked up at me again...and took off for the car!  Haha, he sat there waiting patiently until I got back to him and right then and there I knew that our mile journeys would definitely have to be put on pause.


  1. It is way too hot! That's just one more reason we are sweaty soul sisters! You KNOW how I sweat...

  2. How cute it that!!! That's my kind of dog....I don't do hot weather well at all!! I am so ready for fall it not even funny.

  3. I'd agree, but it hasn't even been like summer here! It rained a week ago!!