Thursday, June 17, 2010

girl, you're starting to grind my gears

Love that phrase!  Plus I found my gears grinding more than once today.  Here's what set them in motion.....

  • Went to Target on my lunch break...bought some bandeau bathing suit tops....only to find that everyone had swiped the mini strap that comes with it from ALL the green tops (which of course was one of the two I had selected).

  • I wake up everyday and look in the mirror and realize I have black eyebrows and blonde hair.  I pretty much came out of the womb with these full, dark brows...and I'll admit I color my hair to be brighter blonde than it naturally is....but when someone asks me, "have you ever considered dying your eyebrows?" I have to think good thoughts and take a deep breath.  Have people ever seen what happens sometimes when you try to dye jet black hair to blonde?  Your result is orange.  Please accept me for the crazy way I am, xoxo.

  • Just witnessed Alex Trebek be a complete jerk to someone who got an answer wrong by saying, "and that puts you even more in the negative..."  As if the contestant didn't know?!  They probably already felt bad enough for getting the answer wrong in the first place.  Please refrain from sprinkling salt in wounds Alex. 

Bouncing to another random topic, after contemplating the "which 3 people would you want to have dinner with" question, I do believe I have reached my answer.

Betty White
Cesar Milan (for the non dog-enthusiasts...The Dog Whisperer)
Jack Nicholson

I'd close the place down with those 3.  Who are yours??


  1. oh girl you are adorable!!
    i love peter's "you know what really grinds my gears" saying as well! hahaha!!

    is it sad that there are no famous people i want to have dinner with?
    i'd just prefer my friends and family....haha, i feel like no matter how much time i have with them it's never enough ;)

  2. I love my Triple E no matter what color your hair or eyebrows are! And your title of this blog is PERFECT! You hit the nail on the forehead! :)

    My 3 famous people for dinner would be:

    Sandra Bullock...she's always been my fav actress.
    Donald Trump...I need to see his combover close up to see how fake it is.
    Jim Carey...he's just funny and he could even bring Jenny along!

  3. how rude! I can't believe people would ask you that! Your hair and eyebrows look great! :)

  4. Oh Goodness. Don't even get me started on people and them talking about your brows. One word. Ignorant!

    Famous people to have dinner with.


    Can they not be famous?

    If sooo i would say...

    Someone from another country like Africa and find out how life truely is over there.

    The President of BP and only if i could walk away from that dinner throwing a glass of wine in his face and calling him unlady like names for all the damage he has done to our planet and animals.

    And... Someone who rescues animals and helps them for free, just out of the goodness of their heart. Who doesn't want to be paid back for what good they do!

  5. Dinner with...
    1. my Maw..cause I miss her so much sometimes.
    2. Josh Brolin..for completely unladylike purposes.
    3. Laura Bush...she's such a lady, and that, unfortunately, is lost on our society today.

  6. Love the saying, but would it be ok to say...lil cb you are starting to grind my gears?