Friday, May 7, 2010

Where oh where has my spare time gone?

Oh where oh where could it be?!

Probably spent....


or getting the energy out of....


I have become quite involved in the coupon scene.  I watch weekly ads as if they are a company I have stock in!  But with coupons and scoping out all the grocery ads...I did save $46 at Publix last week!  I made sure to stock up on things I can bring for lunch.  My goal this month is to bring my lunch to work everyday and see how much it saves me.  I can be the world's worst about just not putting anything together in the mornings and thinking "oh, I'll just run out and grab something".  Well with doing that I have learned that the days of $4 and $5 lunches are over my friend! And after a week of buying lunch, I realize I could have put a tank of gas in my car for what I've spent on food.

I am cleaning machine these days...but no matter how much this machine runs, there's STILL always something.  Dust falls again as soon as I turn my back...dishes are filling up the dishwasher the second after I unload it....the hamper has a mind of its own and has decided to be bottomless....and my vacuum gets more action than a newlywed couple!  I love the feeling of sitting in a clean house, but lately that feeling usually only lasts for a day or two.

Jasper seems to be getting bigger and bigger by the day.  I promise there are times when I wake up and think, "he is bigger than he was when he went to bed".  I am so glad the rain has tapered off.  Not only does it suck taking a dog with huge paws that always seems to find puddles to potty in the rain, but he starts getting cabin fever and doesn't understand why he's not out at the dog park or running laps in the yard.  Those are the days you just have to keep your fingers crossed when you leave him at home because sometimes boredom and curiosity get the best of him and you never know what he might decide to start playing with!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and a happy, happy Mother's Day!!


  1. Oh man, I know exactly what you mean with the cost of lunch these days, AND the puppy boredom from all the rain! My dog gets the SAME way!!!! Good luck with the money saving. I'm rootin' for ya! It's always nice to save some cash for something FUN!

  2. I love coupons!! It is free money so I stock up on them!

  3. I Need to save more coupons, Lord knows i need the extra money! And House cleaning, i might as well get used to my house not ever being clean now with 3 dogs and a new puppy! Lets just pray for me! i might go insain before the end of summer!