Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Haven't Met You Yet...but I finally saw you!!

Love that song of Michael Bublé's!  And the time finally came this past weekend for us to hear it LIVE!  And yes, he is just as charming as you would think he would be and oozes dreaminess whether he's singing or simply talking.  His voice in concert sounds exactly as if you popped in a CD and listened to it.  He cracked jokes and talked about his life and even the hubby said, "this isn't so bad after all." :)

I love his style of music and his musicians were absolutely amazing!  I think I have almost convinced myself that I want to learn how to play the saxophone!  I know how to play the drums and the clarinet, but their sound is nothing like what can come from that instrument!

We had a wonderful getaway, even if it was just for one night.  We stumbled upon a great mexican restaurant before the concert and met up with male Hale's cousin and her friend who had MB's tunes going on our way to the concert and made us laugh the entire time :)  We went out afterwards and went back to our hotel room with a KING size bed.  Now this may not be a big deal to some couples, but for a couple, such as ourselves, that crawl into a full size bed every night, it's a huge deal!  But hey, I guess I look at it as, I never ever get cold at night! :)  

We went out and about around Atlanta the next day and had a wonderful lunch at a restaurant called Twist.  They are known for their martinis and sushi and raw bar.  My crunchy shrimp roll was the absolute best I had ever, ever tasted....and my good I would have slapped my momma!!
We sat and talked for quite awhile after we were finished and it was so enjoyable to be off work and enjoying each other's company.  Love that guy of mine!

Hope everyone is sporting their green today and enjoys the day!  I got some of these pics in an email and they made me smile, so thought I'd share!


  1. glad you had a fun time!!

    and I could not sleep in a full! but you are right! Always warm :)

  2. I love those dog costumes, especially the Leprechaun one!

  3. I'm jealous! Would have loved that concert....big Buble fan! :) Glad you liked Twist! I didn't think I liked sushi when I lived in ATL, so I never tried the sushi at all the good restaurants! Bummer! :) Love sushi now! Love ya!

  4. AH!! i love MB!!
    i am going to see him on sunday night!! i can't wait!! :)

  5. Oh, Michael Buble - how I love thee! =)