Tuesday, September 1, 2009

These vs. Those...but why?

Everyone is always cheering for our their own separate team.

Today, in my eyes, is Fall's way of announcing that is it most definitely on it's way because it is now September. Fall always means one main thing, football season. Two opposing teams playing the most tactical offense and a strong protective defense as they yearn for the same goal, victory. It's all about the win.

Sometimes we encounter different situations in life with our main concern being, "how can I win this one?" and "how can I make my team look the best?" or "how can I come out on top?". These questions are best answered on the football field and not effective in all areas of life. We don't always have to hide behind our team's colors or be sure to not show any signs of weakness to our opponents. Half the time our opponents don't even want to be on the other side of the field. It may seem that way, but they really just want to win with you, rather than beat you. Sometimes we're too wrapped up in attacking their weak points and doing all those little things that they cannot stand.

A team can only defend themselves for so long. They can become worn down and begin to let things slip through the cracks. They wonder, "why am I even playing anymore? I know I can't win." This team loses hope and wonders if their score will always be on the losing end. And it's always the same plays that knock them to the ground. No matter how much they prepare themselves, it seems as though they are always blind sided and left with scrapes and bruises and those little birds flying around their heads.

So ask yourself...is it really worth it to put on all that gear each and every day? Life's supposed to be a dance, and doesn't always require a winner. Leave the tackling to the guys on the field.

"We can't move ahead if we're trying to get even." - Frank Tyger

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