Saturday, August 14, 2010

that's what you get for waking up in Vegas! Day 1

365 days of love, tears, budgeting bills, folding clothes, washing dishes, lazy mornings, romantic nights, road trips, knockdown dragouts, endless laughter and I wouldn't trade this first year of marriage for anything in the world!

We set out last Friday for our anniversary trip to Las Vegas!  And after about 4 hours of flying we looked out the window and saw...

(granted the strip doesn't look cool from afar in the daytime, but we still got antsy!)

I kept telling him that there were even slot machines right where we would enter inside the airport...and he thought that was such an unbelievable thing.  I mean how are all those people on delayed flights gonna kill their time?  Needless to say, I didn't waste any time...

We then headed to baggage claim where we saw the tiniest man holding a sign that said "Hale" who proceeded to talk about jumping out of planes the entire time we waited for our bags.  He was such a tiny guy he couldn't even carry our oversized bag!  We watched him drag it for 5 seconds before the hubby stepped in and threw it up on his shoulder and gave me one of those "is he serious!?" looks.  When we got outside, little man directed us towards our limo and we were headed to the heart of it all!  I thought we would have been headed out in a cab, but he kept telling me how he wanted to make this trip special :)

I had told him all along that I didn't want to know where we were staying so I could be surprised....and well, as we were pulling up, heck, I still didn't know where we were staying!  I had never seen this place when I had been to Vegas before, yet I could tell we were on the strip.  Our hotel was called Aria and it had just been completed in December.  We were between the Bellagio and Monte Carlo and this is a picture I pulled from the internet of what it looks like.

These rooms would make you never want to get out of bed or the bathroom, haha!  The room was surrounded by curtains that would all pull back at the touch of a button.  From the tub or the bed or the living room area, we had an incredible view of what all was going on.

The touchscreen controls on the nightstand for curtains, temperature, tv, etc.
This was the toilet area...and that control pad definitely says "rear cleansing" and "front cleansing" as options!

Our tub

Our living room at night (sorry, it's blurry)

Living Room
Ok, ok, sorry, I got stuck on the room!  We set out to walk around and I am telling you it was HOT!  Our flip flops were sticking to the lie!  There wasn't any humidity, but it was such a dry hot heat.  I felt like the city had a heater turned on and pointing towards us. 

On our way to check out the MGM Grand

In front of the lion exhibit at MGM

"I put a dollar in, I won a car. I put a dollar in, I won a car."
- Vegas Vacation

First night out - this one is in Bellagio's flower garden

Bellagio's fountain and light show

 right after the show with
Paris' eiffel tower in the background

We went out after this to a nightclub, but this seems to be the only goofy picture I snapped....

Haha!  Giving our kisses to Vegas!  Day 2: Circus Circus and exploring more nightlife to come....


  1. Loved your pics! We loved Vegas when we went and I think I'll have to keep that hotel in mind if we ever go back. It seemed FABULOUS!

  2. OMG! looked like yall had so much fun! i'm jealous!