Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bonjour December!

I have to admit that I am thrilled that December has crept up on me!  I adore going home and turning the Christmas tree lights on, turning the overhead lights off, curling up with my Snuggie (yes, I said Snuggie), sipping on coffee with Baileys or a cup of hot cider, and just taking in all the Christmas vibe that surrounds me and letting go of all of the stress of the day.  My tree has been up for 2 weeks and I think I have decided I will never wait until the day after Thanksgiving again!  I signed up for an ornament exchange and this fabulous blogger and I were paired as partners to exchange!  She shipped mine yesterday and hers is going out today....I can't wait to see mine and hear her reaction to hers!  Just reason 39305789 why I love Christmas time!

Thanksgiving was truly wonderful.  I thoroughly enjoyed my first Thanksgiving as a wife!  We had a wonderful dinner at my Uncle's house, went shopping on Black Friday, went to Tunica for a little slot machine time, ate amazing ribs at the famous Rendezvous, saw The Rockettes and their Christmas Spectacular, and went out to Beale Street!  We had a blast.  My cousin Megan and I are so close so I always enjoy time I get to spend with her, especially since we are about 5 hours away from each other.

Megan and I in downtown Memphis.

Our Black Friday purchase at home in our bedroom.

Me with my Mom and Grandmother @ Rendezvous.

Right before stuffing ourselves at Thanksgiving dinner.

Well, I am going back to looking at my overwhelming Christmas list of gifts for others.  I am SO behind.  My calendar continually fills up and I wonder when I will ever get this shopping done?!  Have a great first day of December!


  1. Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year. We'll be getting our Christmas tree this year and I can't wait to do the same thing...turn on the tree lights and snuggle up with a Gingerbread latte and watch Elf. Perfection!!

    Glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving.


  2. Oh my gosh coffee and Baileys!!! Could you possibly tease me anymore...GEEZ! I love Christmas too and now you have given me my motivation to actually decorate our bare Christmas tree at the house :-) Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!!

  3. The Rockettes were so much fun! That's so funny that we were both there. Great Black Friday purchase, too! I love it.

  4. that tv is so nice!!! great purchase!

  5. Great purchase!!! And you just got me thinking...I need to catch up on drinking hot cider! Totally forgot about that. Wow. :( ;)