Monday, November 7, 2011

awkward moment monday

I follow "that awkward moment when..." on Twitter & my wheels began to turn for my own trend.

Friday night brought on that awkward moment while working concessions at a local high school football game and the kid ordering didn't have enough money to cover what he ordered and he stood there just looking at me for about ten seconds and then grabbed the food and dashed. Ummmm....

Saturday I was wearing my University of Alabama ball cap when a cashier stopped between her loud smacks of chomping on her gum to ask, "so, are you like cheering for Alabama in that big game tonight?".  The awkwardness presented itself in the form of do I answer her with "no, no, this is just a hat I found on the side of the road and I was having a bad hair day" or "omg, how did you know???"

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