Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Guilty. Guilty of not noticing all the changes that were now available to edit everything with my blog.  But I discovered them, made changes, and am officially putting a sign up at my desk that simply says "BLOG" to remind me to take some time every day to vent, write, babble, etc.

Sunshine is coming through my office window and I couldn't be happier.  Yesterday's dreariness wore on me terribly.  I have spring fever like it's nobody's business.  I am ready to read chapter upon chapter in my hammock, throw dinner on the grill every other night, enjoy afternoons at the dog park, and hang out until the sun goes down on our patio...gosh, how I miss hanging out on our patio.  The few times we are actually outside lately, we are in layers of clothing, and gloves & standing oh so close to the patio heater waiting for Jasper to find that perfect spot to make his mark.

In the spring and summer, Skye and I spend countless hours in the afternoons and on the weekends in our lawn chairs at the dog park.  We talk about anything and everything and laugh about pretty much everything as we watch our dogs run around as if they've never been off a leash before...and in that moment I'm convinced they are the happiest 4-legged friends on this planet.

I love walking to places downtown to grab lunch while I am at work, but I refuse to do so in this bitterly cold weather.  I can't seem to get enough of Subway sandwiches during the warmer weather and often can't tell myself not to stop by this little corner restaurant for soft serve ice cream.

"People-watching" from the patios of downtown restaurants with an ice cold drink and good company is one of my absolute favorites.  Those are the times when the servers practically know us by name and 9 times out of 10, already know what we want to order.  We don't seem to have a care in the world except for maybe where we'll make room for the next chair to be pulled up.  The ever so comfortable maxi dresses, sunglasses, Lookouts games, flip flops, oh how I want it all right now!

Until then I'll simply just push back the cover to my sunroof as opposed to opening it all the way and anxiously await all that sunshine!


  1. I thought i left a post. but maybe not! This makes me want spring and summer time here ASAP! OMG! I can't wait! I literally just can't. I feel like if I close my eyes real tight I can imagine myself there now! LOL! 2011 warm weather better be ready for us!

  2. I love love love this new layout and font! And I'm now wishing we were sitting at Big River's patio with a cocktail in hand chatting about anything and everything!

  3. Sunshine and sunglasses cannot get here soon enough. Once Spring has sprung....I say we talk a break from the dreary office and toast with yummy shakes just around the corner! We may could even spike them!