Tuesday, October 19, 2010

all knotted up

For the past several months I have had pain in my neck that seems to be coming from a knot on the back right side of my neck...and that knot triggers pain that shoots to my right temple.  Rubbing/massaging the knot doesn't seem to help...in fact it almost makes the pain that shoots to my temple even worse.  I thought perhaps our pillows needed to be tossed, so I went out and bought new pillows.  No solution.  I thought I was sleeping on my neck wrong, so I started sleeping on my back.  No solution.  Tylenol, Aleve, Advil, you name it and I tried taking it during the day and before I went to sleep and even if I had to get up in the middle of the night for the bathroom, drink, etc. I would take some.  Still no solution.

One day at work I was almost to the point of tears and made a doctor's appointment.  I was finally starting to think something would change.  I explained to her that there was a ping pong sized knot in my neck and that the pain it was causing not only in my neck, but in my head as well, was starting to be unbearable.  She jotted down some notes and told me that it was just muscles that were tense in my neck (while NOT even feeling the knot) and that they were tension headaches caused by stress.  I will admit, there are days that my job stresses me out, but those days aren't stressful enough to be causing this constant pain.  She wrote 2 different prescriptions and gave me a chiropractor's business card and peace out, holla, she was gone.  I sat there REALLY hoping that this knot is not something serious, seeing as though it's as the base of my skull and she didn't bother to examine it, and hoped for the best with the prescriptions.  Well that hope was crushed when it crushed my wallet and all the pills did were make me sleepy.  $81 dollars later and still hurting is where I am.  I am hesitant to go to a chiropractor because I'm concerned that any pain I have from here on out will require a visit to them. 

Can anyone shed any light on any similar experiences with these pains or any results/visits with chiropractors??  I'm open for any suggestions whatsoever!


  1. Justin's back went out last year and he could hardly stand up straight. He went to the chiropractor and he had to go to a couple of visits and he was cured and he has not been back since. You may want to give it a try! Keeping my fingers crossed if you go you get the same out come.

  2. I get those knots on my back. I love my chiropractor visits it makes my whole body feel better! and going to get a massage! they can work hat sucker right out and it will also make it feel better but it does come back. I've had them since i was about 14 or 15. but those 2 things seem to help me the best and you can get an hour massage at Miuller Mont tech college off 153 for $30! ANd they are good too!