Wednesday, September 22, 2010

about me:

That section is always on profiles, surveys, etc.  I got to looking at that section on my FB profile and this is how it reads:

I honestly love my life. I am married to an incredible guy who makes me happier than I could ever, ever express through words. Making people laugh is one of my favorites along with getting flowers and a good, long nap. I’m a little too obsessed with birthdays and if I find out your address, watch out because I love sending cards year-round. I black and white pictures a little too often and I'm convinced Great Danes are the best dogs ever. If it wasn’t considered insane, I’d start decorating for Christmas as soon as fall rolled around if I’m not too busy cheering for the Gators. I feel confident that I could eat Mexican food every day of the week and I live for road trips. Rain and drama can ruin a perfectly good day, as well as a crappy season finale that you’ve waited so long for. I’ll never learn to unpack as soon as I get home and you’ll always find me running in the opposite direction of birds and clowns. Keep your feet away from me and don’t lie to me & we will get along just fine!

We put so much thought into what we cram into that little section that sums us up.  But I stopped to think what people would never learn from reading my about me section.....

(Making people laugh is one of my favorites)...but when I can't make people laugh, it makes me extremely uncomfortable...I seek humor as a way of fitting in.

(I black and white pictures a little too often)....because sometimes it's the only way I can look at a picture of myself and not hate the appearance of an extremely pale girl who has ruined her chances of ever being able to safely be in the sun.

(drama can ruin a perfectly good day)....and I am all too responsible for that drama from time to time.

(I’ll never learn to unpack as soon as I get home)...maybe because I'm surrendering to being back to the grind and having to deal with weekly trials and tribulations, when all I really want is to be away again.

(I’d start decorating for Christmas as soon as fall rolled around)...even though Christmas is always a time when I miss my dad so, so much.  He filmed every Christmas morning until he passed away...I can still hear his laugh in my head.  I still sit and watch those videos sometimes and smile, laugh, and cry all at the same time.

I just found it interesting that there was a counterpart for the things I so easily put out there to tell people about me.