Tuesday, January 12, 2010

That's some BS!

BS being bathing suits!  I never look this early, but with Victoria's Secret blowing up my inbox, I just had to!  These girls are definitely pushing me along with my healthy eating....now if I could just have their skin, hair, etc. ha!  These are a few that caught my eye today....

Which one do you think?

I am ready for these freezing temperatures to hit the road!  I want to be on the lake listening to good tunes while I bob up and down in the water while sitting on a noodle laughing at some old story that starts with "oh my gosh, do you remember that time when we....."  I could also definitely handle hearing waves crash while brushing sand off my towel and asking hubby to grab me a drink out of the cooler!  Maybe I should print one of these gals off and tape her inside the refrigerator so every time I go to grab junk I think "don't you want a summer bod?!?!"


  1. hahahahaha i love that idea, tape her inside the refrigerator hahah!! i love the last one ~ this color would look great on you with your hair color =) but i love the second on because it can be strapless.. and i love the first too, it's just too cute!! haha, i guess i'm really no help!!!

    but i receive 4895723895729 catalogs a DAY from V.S. and i'm buying suits today! lol

  2. I'm a fan of the third one!!!!!! The second one would be my 2nd pick! Hope that helps....or maybe you should just get both!

  3. I'm loving the first one! :) Can't wait for spring to begin and then summer to start. Enough with the cold...brrrr.... ;)

  4. their swimsuits are so cute! I love the dotted one!

  5. i love the idea of putting the picture in the fridge! this cracks my world up! i need one in my car for when i want fastfood, and in my kitchen for when i want to just eat in general! lol!